How do I check for a fried CPU or Motherboard?

I may have friend one or the other. How can I check to see if one or the other is fried... without having to buying a product.
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  1. Exactly what problems are you experiencing? Is this the first time you are attempting to boot? Have you reviewed shortstuff's Boot Issues sticky? Did you overclock and increase any voltages?
  2. We need more info to begin troubleshooting, why do you think you have fried one or the other? What was happening before it shut down? Has the computer been running well before?

    Easiest thing to try first: Put a new fuse in the powersupply plug (or try using another plug...monitor one may work). I had a new PSU once which wouldnt power the machine and it turned out that for some reason the fuse was dead. Was a relief because my initial reaction was that perhaps the mobo was dead
  3. I got a new cpu heatsink/fan. I attempted t place it onto the cpu, but the cpu stuck and when I readjusted the fan, the cpu came out of the socket, without me unlatching it. I tried to place it back into the pc and try again... and it happened again (This is my first time really doing this kind of thing so I am learning). Finally got it in there. Booted the pc, and my pc didn't display anything, but instead beeped (oddly enough, the beeping came from my dvd drive; and the lights on the motherboard and front of case blinked insinc with the beeping). When I inspected the bottom of the CPU, there were several bent prongs, probably around 10-15 prongs. I looked online and found a technique to straighten them. By using a credit card, I got them as straight as possible. I placed it back into the socket nicely and got the heatsinc/fan on with no problem. When I booted it this time, there was no beeping, everything sounded normal, but nothing displays on my television.

    I am assuming that some prongs were shorted together when I started it the first time and that either fried part or all of the cpu or motherboard.
  4. Quote:
    Why didn't you mention you bent the pins in your first post......

    I don't know how the cpu could come out of the socket by placing a hsf on it.

    What did you use between the heatsink and fan, superglue?? Besides if the latch was latched it would not come out.

    Sounds like an expensive noob mistake to me.

    It most likely was a noob mistake. For some reason, the latch just doesn't hold the cpu on well, I put a light coat of thermal gel on it, but it just makes it come right off with the hsf. I don't know. Well, when I take out my ram cards, and try to turn it on, my motherboard beeps, so I am assuming that my motherboard is not fried/broken. I will just try to replace the cpu.
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