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i have an msi 7380 v1.2 motherboard and i just need to know if an intel q8300 processor and an nvidia gt220 would work with it thanks.
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  1. The CPU is on the list http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-MSI/P7N_SLI_%28MS-7380%29.html and the GT220 should work fine (although not for gaming, to weak)
  2. yeah the gt220 is bad thats why im swapping my acer g43tam v2 for this so i can have 2 ati radeon 5770s
  3. could i use the ram from the acer g43tam v2 in the msi?
  4. Since they both take DDR2 I do not see why not.
  5. sweet thanks for your help !
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