Would a case fan help in my situation?

Basically my current situation is my graphics card, a low profile Radeon 5570 gets up to 90 degrees when playing graphics intense games with the case closed. I can open the case and it would only get up to like 77 or so but I'd rather not have the case open all the time.

Is it possible a case fan could be used for this system and would it help keep the gfx card cool?

Here is a side view of the inside of my current case. The graphics card is at the top. Basically no room above the fan of the graphics card(not shown in pic). The graphics card and the case are both half-height.

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  1. A case fan would definitely help but I also have one pc with the case you have and to be honest what you need is a brand new case.

    Because that case is oem and is probably made by packard bell, gateway etc.

    What you "need" is a different case because that case there will not keep a graphics card like a radeon 5570 cool.

    I recently bought a coolermaster 310 elite with a sidewindow, it is a great case with one case fan included and it only costs £35 (the quality is excellent and it looks beautiful).

    Any questions just ask and I will reply asap.
  2. Quote:
    That's a proprietary mobo and psu and cannot be mounted in a regular atx case.

    Well then you can just buy another motherboard and PSU but keep the hard drive, optical drive, ram and CPU. It might cost little extra but you will notice how much better your pc will perform.
  3. Quote:
    Not worth it imo.

    The hdd is probably 5400rpm. The cpu probably needs replacing as well. And obviously the video card is very low end.

    Yeah I agree that's why as soon as I bought one of these computers (the one above) I went for a refund and just built the pc I am using now. :)

    If there are spaces for case fans then go ahead and fill every space for a fan with a fan. Because it's either that or use it without a gfx card or buy another computer.

    If you want to know exactly how I made my ultimate gaming pc for under £300 just ask, it's got:
    Coolermaster Elite 310 blue with a side window and a case fan included (beautiful case)
    Amd Phenom II 955 x4 @ 4 x 3.2ghz
    OCZ Gold 4gb ddr2 1066mhz rams
    640gb Western digital caviar blue
    Samsung writemaster lightscribe DVD-RW
    Asus m4a78l-m motherboard
    AKASA 500w Paxpower 80plus PSU
    Arctic silver 5 thermal compound.

    AND windows 7 ultimate which I had lying around, going to buy an hd 5770 in a month which will take the cost up to £410.

    If you do plan on building the above rig you can just sell your old pc (which I'm guessing is a packard bell imedia pc) on somewhere like ebay.

    By the way I'm only 14 years old (but I love computers). :)
  4. I probably should have mentioned the model of the PC, its a Gateway SX2800.

    Not worth it imo.

    The hdd is probably 5400rpm. The cpu probably needs replacing as well. And obviously the video card is very low end.

    Its 7200 RPM, the CPU is a Core 2 Quad, should be good enough for me for a while. The video card is good enough for my needs as well, I played(and beat) Metro 2033 and Dirt 2 on it using high settings on both at 900p with DX11 features at a higher than console resolution.

    Coming from Xbox 360 the graphics are quite an improvement.
  5. Or you could rig it, get one of those box fans, open the side of the case, and run the box fan wide open....might get a little dustier though.
  6. I can't see your video card clearly, but it seems from the description that it is right up against the case outer panel (top of your picture). Is the fan on the side of the card pointed directly at the case outer panel? If it is, air flow TO the fan intake may be badly restricted. You could consider cutting a hole in the side of the case lined up with the vid card fan intake, then placing a small grill and foam air filter (for dust) over it. That would give it a much less-restricted air supply, AND it would be outside air (not pre-heated from inside the case).

    IF you go this route of custom-modding your case, be VERY sure to remove ALL components first, and clean pout all metal bits and finlings, before re-mounting everything. And of course, doing this would void any warranty you have, so don't even consider it if you still have warranty coverage you want to keep valid.
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