Flash drives and NTFS don't copy properly

Hello. Until a couple weeks ago, I didn't have any flash drives bigger than 4GB, so I just left them at FAT32.
Recently a bought a 32GB one, so I formatted it to NTFS using the windows formatter.
The problem is, when I copy a file, after 5 seconds the progress bar goes from 0% to about 99%, and then it freezes. After a bit, it does copy the file, but meanwhile my RAM usage increases till a bit more than 5GB (I have a total of 6gb installed). When it's a bigger file, it's a bit more accurate, but still consumes too much RAM.
I already went to the "policies" tab of the flash drive proprieties and changed it to "improve performance" (or something like that), still the same, tried to connect it to other USB slots, formatted it multiple times (with EaseUS too), updated the BIOS (my motherboard is an Asus P6T SE), but nothing works.

I tried the flash drive in another computer and it works like a charm.

This all happens to every flash drive I try to format to NTFS.

Can anyone help me out here?
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  1. Save the hassle of troubleshooting this and just format it in FAT32. The only downside is if you are using large video files. If that's the case try exFAT instead.
  2. RealBeast said:
    Save the hassle of troubleshooting this and just format it in FAT32.

    I need to have 4gb+ files in my flash drive, so I really need NTFS.
  3. My TV doesn't support exFat...
  4. Can't anyone help me? Please?
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