Netgear Wireless N Router 300 - WNR2000 model issues


My router is currently having a issue. For about a day since I got this router and set it up it was working GREAT but after about one day of use, my iPhone, Laptop, PlayStation 3 and other home computer would still be able to pick up the signal (AT 100%) but when I would try to connect so I can use anything online it would just either keep asking for the router password even though I know I'm giving the right one or it will just saying connecting.... (forever) but never actually connects. Does anybody know why this is happening?

P.S. If I press the power button on the back of my router to restart it, every device is able to connect to the router again but it's kind of annoying to restart the router every time I want to connect something to it wirelessly... Any help?

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  1. Try turning off wireless security in the router temporarily and see if it all works.

    Then try a new security type or password.
  2. Fihart, I tried that but the same problem happens within a bit of time.
  3. Check the router settings to make sure DHCP is enabled.
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