Computer Freezes When Gaming??

Hi everyone,

Don't know if this is posted in the right category but I need any help I can get.

My computer keeps freezing whenever I am playing games. I dont have any problem using the computer normal, only when gaming. Sometimes I can play all day without it freezing and other times for 5 minutes, its completely random. When it does freeze, the game image stays locked on the screen, my screen on my keyboard freezes,
I cant use my mouse, or control alt delete or alt tab or anything, but i can still hear and talk to my friends in teamspeak. I have to manually reset the computer everytime to get it working again. I ran a memory test, checked the hard drive for errors, and even bought a new ssd and installed a game to that and it makes no difference. Its multiple games as well so one game is not the problem. My temperatures are also fine. I have done multiple fresh windows installed and that hasnt fixed it either. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

System Specs if it helps:

-AMD Phemon 1090T
-16GB GSkillz Ripjaws 1333Mhz RAM
-Asus Crosshair IV Motherboard
-2 Ati Radeon 5870s
-OCZ Vertex 3 Max Iops 120GB
-Western Digital 1.5TB Cavalier Black
-750W OCZ Fat1lity PSU

I have always been afraid my PSU isnt big enough after my upgrades but if that was the issue wouldn't the whole computer just crash and reset. And i have used this setup with this PSU for a whilenow with no freezing issues. If you need any more information just ask. THANKS!
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  1. Usually when the game freezes it's one of three things , either a driver problem or a psu problem or a ram problem. What I would do first is uninstall your drivers and then reinstall and of course make sure they are the most current. Next you could try just running one stick of ram or two sticks if the game needs it to run at all and then run the other two and then the final two , try to mix and match to get a feel for all the ram sticks are working. If that does not solve anything then it could be your power supply and if you cannot test it in any way then you might have to buy a new one or RMA if it is under warrenty. If it is the power supply just being inadequite then it will cause the game to crash when it is called upon for extra power to render 3d graphics.
  2. I went through an RMA with the ram when i first built the system because it was causing it to bluescreen and crash. I ran memtest on each stick of ram and it came back with no errors. Should i still try running the game with the individual sticks. I also reinstalled my graphics drivers multiple times but they are the new amd 11.9 series drivers. I havent tried backtracking to 11.8 or earlier but should i also try that. its my first time using the computer in like 2 months so I cant say for sure if it has been happening since the 11.9 update.
  3. I think what you want to do is try to eliminate as much as you can by what you can do yourself whithout wasting money buying ram and psu and MB. If you can test the ram in all the slots of the MB you will be accomplishing two things , verifying the ram and the ram slots , so that when it all comes down to the last thing left is the psu and you have no way of testing it you can get a new one and I would at that time shoot for a higher , trusted name psu. Example;

    Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-900 900W ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V v2.91 SLI Certified CrossFire Certified 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply $139.99
  4. You can also go into the action center and run the troubleshooter and see if it comes up with anything , also the event viewer might help.
  5. Thank for the help. I will try all of that tonight
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