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I've just replaced the motherboard in my computer with a Gigabyte M68M-S2P board, due to my original board blowing. With the bundle came a AMD Phenom II triple core processor - and as I don't know if the dual core processor was damaged when my M/B blew, I installed the triple core.

Whilst it runs well and is smooth, sadly it is a 32 bit processor :( and I want to install a 3 G/hz X64 triple core if possible or at worst, a 3 G/hz X64 dual core. However, I'm not sure what I sould be looking at regarding the part numbers :??:

Can anyone advise me on what would be a good choice?

Many Thanks
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  1. All Phenom and Phenom II processors are 64 bit.... All new AMD processors have been since the release of the "Athlon 64" series a number of years ago....

    Perhaps you have a 32 bit OS installed?
  2. Hi and welcome to Toms' forum.

    What exactly CPU did you installed?
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