ATI 4870 x2 Overheating

Hi, my computer turned off recently while playing the starcraft II beta due to my gfx card overheating. My rig is:

Intel Core 2 DUO E8500 3.16GHz
Ram: 4.00GB DDR
Video: ATI Radeon HD 4870 x2
OS: Windows 7, 64bit

CCC says my gfx cpu idles at around 75 celcius and when strained can go above 100 (then shuts down).

I'm pretty sure my fans are fine, I ordered some thermal paste off newegg and hopefully that will do the trick. I have set the fan to always be 100% in hopes to stem off the heat. Is there anything else I can do to lower the temp?

I found it wierd that one cpu heat was 75 and the other is 58 (same card 2 cpu's)

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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  1. Can you post a picture of your case when opened? Specifically showing fans, wires, etc.

    It's normal for that card to get hot, but it shouldn't get over 100.
  2. Hi, that is too hot. I would check to make sure there is no dust build up.

    I use a 35% fan speed for idle and 45% for load normally, maybe 50% for some games.

    Idles at around 40-50C.

    The reason one gpu is hotter than the other is because one is closer to the fan and so gets the coolest air while the air that passes over the second one is already heated.
  3. After taking out the gfx card and putting some thermal paste I was able to lower the temp about 5 degree's but it still is running way to hot. I guess I'll start looking at new cooling :/.

    Sadly the only 4870x2 cooler seems to be out of stock everywhere :*(
  4. I also think a picture of the inside of your computer would help us best and also, which specific 4870x2 do you have?

    I'm unsure of which brand it is. Though the picture looks like the ASUS one so I believe it to be that.

    (I do not believe the wire clutter to be the problem since the chip that is being cooled well is near the clutter while the one that is overheating is free from obstruction.)

    Does anyone know if there are ANY aftermarket 4870x2 coolers ? I cannot find any... very concerning.
  6. If you actually find somewhere to buy that let me know :/. All the things they list have the hardware listed as "out of stock" I had previously checked out that site as the cooler seems to have been the best solution for alot of people though does not seem to be available any longer. I'm hoping there is still something out there :*(

    edit: apparently those sites list it as out of stock too.Dunno if you can find it anywhere.
  8. Well you're stuck with taking things into you're own hands.

    1. Yes, your cable clutter is effecting temps, even if one core is "fine"
    2. You can try things like removing the heat sink, cleaning ALL dust
  9. 1. cable clutter??? no way hes got like 4 inches if breathing room for the air intake???
    2. the cards a p.o.s. it works for a little bit then problems occur, Ive searched for solutions for 2 yrs now.
    3. maybe its the drivers
    4. maybe its the PSU

    8. a tornado fan actually worked pretty decently once modded but it was too loud to hear the game.
    9. the xero cool cooler mod looks nice but does it actually work, and for how long? and how come you cant find it in stores online?and why doesnt anyone post about how great the 4870x2 is with the xero cooler?
    10. 2 pc power and cooling 700 silencer psus burned out/died on this card.
    11. currently having same problems with a corsair tx 750w psu with 4 = 8pin rails for graphics cards.
    12. i may try to power the 6 pin connector on the graphics card from a 550w additional PSU by hard wiring
    13. if that doesnt do it im gonna remove the copper blocks and the 2 back plates and hit the naked card with fans
    14. if that doesnt work im gonna throw it in the trash and vow never to buy amd/ati ever again
    15. steps #12 and #13 will be a huge waste of time and should probably be skipped.
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