Which P67 motherboard?

I'm planning on upgrading my P4 to a i5 2500K, but I'm not sure what motherboard to get. I do plan on some moderate overclocking with the stock cooler.

I have a PATA DVD writer, so I would need a new one if the motherboard didn't have that, unless there is a better solution.

I was thinking about one of Asus P8P67-M, P8P67 LE or Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3, but I'm quite happy to investigate other suggestions.
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  1. I have the asus p8p67 deluxe and i gotta say it is an amazing board. However i would imagine that the p8p67 Le will be just as good with slightly less features. I would stick to asus and you cant go far wrong.
  2. Yes, I like Asus, but I've read more comments about problems with Asus boards so far than Gigabyte. The Asus LE also seems to have less overclocking options than the Gigabyte too.
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