Phenom II X4 @3.4 or X3 @3.6 maybe more for gaming?

Hello everyone just wanted to get more performance out of my PC and needed everyone's suggestions.

I built my PC a couple of years ago and have improved on it here and there but I'm still not satisfied. After I built my pc I spent about two weeks messing with stuff and after about 3 24 hour and 6 12 hour Prime95 tests my 720 in quad mode was stable at 3.4 with no errors. I did mess with oc in Tri mode and was able to get 3.6 easy with no voltage but I only ran prime for about only an hour then. I was thinking that since I still don't see many games were there is a difference between Quad or Tri if I'd be better off reverting back to X3 mode and trying for maybe 3.8 maybe 4.0.

I guess I was just wondering what other people's take on it would be. My Phenom II 720 is a champ don't get me wrong, it let me unlock the fourth core and OC up to 3.4 with some voltage, but again not satisfied maybe just move on up to an i7 920/930........I don't know..... thank you for your input and time.
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  1. Forgot to post specs.......I could have sworn I updated sig...... here they are anyways sorry for second post

    PC: Phenom II 720 @3.4 with 4th core, GA-MA790X-UD4P, Kingston Hyperx DDR2 1066, WD Caviar Blue 500, x2 Samsung F2 1TB, Asus 5870 + BFG 8800GTOC, Xigmatek DK s1283v, Antec TruePower New TP-650, Antec 300 with 3 Scythe SlimpStreams 1900 with NZXT Sentry II
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The problem isn't ur CPU is the GPU. The 8800GT OC was a very solid GPU but the today's games need a little much better.
  3. saint19 said:
    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The problem isn't ur CPU is the GPU. The 8800GT OC was a very solid GPU but the today's games need a little much better.

    If you read closer, you will see he has a radeon 5870, probably with modified drivers and the 8800GT for physX.
  4. stick with 4 cores. you will see more games that will utilize them in the coming months. a few extra hundred Mhz isn't going to offer the performance gains of an extra core.
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    I suppose it depends on the games you are playing. Right now, three cores are generally the sweet spot for a lot of the newer games out there. Perhaps find out how well your X3 overclocks with three cores, play some of your favorites and see if you can discern any real performance gains with the extra MHz. Once more thread-hungry programs head onto the scene, then just turn on that extra core and get some more life out of it.

    If you're primarily gaming, and you're unsatisfied with the performance, perhaps consider an i5-750 as opposed to an i7-920/30. However, your CPU is still a great performer with a lot of juice for games, with or without the extra core enabled.
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  7. Thanks for opinions guys I really appreciate it. I reverting to x3 and I'm at 3700 atm and still tweaking hopefully I can hit at least 3800 maybe 4000. Hopefully SC II and Diablo III will use more than three cores efficiently.
  8. Something tells me that SC2 would prefer two fast cores over a quad-CPU, given the overall time that has been taken to develop it.

    Depending on the stepping of your CPU, 3700'ish MHz is probably the sweet spot.I have a 955, with the C2 stepping, and while it's entirely capable of going over 3.9GHz, the voltage required to do so is pretty high. The C3 CPU's have an easier time making it over that 4GHz barrier, and seem to require fewer volts for OC'ing.

    Good luck on your foray!
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