E8400,Q8400, E7600

Hello users of tom's hardware, I am new to this forum and straight away i have a question to ask you guys.

My computer specs are:
Dell 0WG864
Ati Radeon HD 4670 Asus 512mb
Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 1,8 Ghz
3 Gb of ram (dunno what make :D)
600 Gb Sata Disk + 250Gb x 2 Portable
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi
Windows Vista 32bit

Well now, i have 2 problems, first my dad says that changing the processor for one of those above wont make no noticeable difference for anything including games, and if that is not true, then i have the dylema on which one i really want/need the : E8400,Q8400 or the E7600.

Or if the thing with my dad is true, what should i change in it?

I have a limited budget of 260 $ or in polish money 800 zl
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  1. Ok well you have a compatibility issue with that the processors you listed will not work your board in that Dell only supports up to 1066 FSB. This means you would be stuck with the E6xxx Conroe CPUS. The motherboard you have is quite outdated and your pops may be right that a CPU will not make much of a difference since your GPU is also very weak.

    You would have to do basically a full rebuild it would not be worth putting money into that system.
  2. So you say i should buy a new motherboard(called mobo i think ? :S)
  3. Yea but then you are getting into more problems first off the Dell you have uses a BTX board so an ATX board will not sit right in your case, also you copy of windows that came with the Dell will only work with that motherboard. So you will basically have to start from scratch. I would suggest going with a cheap Athlon II and a decent AM3 motherboard you will also need new DDR3 RAM and I would really suggest upgrading the GPU too but the 4670 will get by alright for the time being the newer Athlon II's will give a huge performance boost in everything compared to your first gen Core 2 CPU you have now.

    So money wise...
    Athlon II x3 or x4 from $80 to $100
    New AM3 mobo around $55 to $75
    4GB of DDR3 RAM around $100

    So your looking at around $275 for the core parts then you will most likely need a new case and you will also need a fresh copy of windows.
  4. Well that sucks.... maybe i buy a PSP then ?XD
  5. but im very impressed with how inteligent you are about this, thanks for everything ;)
  6. No prob any more questions feel free to ask or start a thread.

    Welcome to the Forum.
  7. btw how can i add you to friends ? :D is there such a system of "add friend" here?
  8. No we do not have that here, but I am always around the CPU section of this forum and you can always use PM's just click envelope under my name if you like I always check my messages so feel free to do so if you ever have a question.
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