External Drives that need some type of exterior cooling system

My office in my home unfortunately has two skylights and about 5 almost floor to ceiling windows. (It was built to be a sunroom but was the only room in the house for an office.) I am a photographer and have about 17TB's of external hard drives connected to various computers. It gets hot in here in the summer and I can't keep it cool. I am worried about all my drives. My lacie is already failing and I have backed it up on another drive but I really need to find a way to keep these things cool. Any ideas on a small portable device/fan or whatever I can plug in and point at the DESK cabinet that holds all my drives?

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
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  1. Your best bet woud be to air condition the room. If this stuff is as important to you as you have described, then it should be in a room that is temperature controlled. I know servers that run companies that use less hdd space than you have, and al of them have their servers in air conditioned spaces. A simple fan is not going to solve your problem. Why not look into installing what is called a "Mini Split" in the air conditioning industry, it's a small a/c unit that can cool just one room. If that isnt going to work, due to the room being a sun room, then my suggestion is move the equipment to a room that will. Best of luck.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply and honesty. I have one but it broke and wasn't looking forward to fixing it... But alas I guess I must. Thanks!
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