SSDNow V versus Intel X25-M

Hi all, I am debating whether to get a a 64GB Kingston SSDNow V Series SSD or a 80GB Intel X25-M. This may sound strange, but the user of this PC will use this as their only HDD. Anyways, 64GB would be enough, but 80GB would be better. Then the price difference comes into play $109 vs. $225. According to the benchmark I found below though, the Intels destroy on light workloads (what the user would be doing). I could RAID two of the Kingstons for the price of the Intel though, but I believe this would cost me TRIM support? What are your opinions? Again the choices are 1 of either of them or two Kingstons with no TRIM support. The sale on the Kingstons ends tonight...

Kingston SSDNow V Series
Intel X25-M


Thank you so much!
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  1. ^ TRIM for SSDs is important...
    I dont think without TRIM, you would get sustained performance from the RAID...
    But are you sure that TRIM is not supported for RAID ??
    But take that info with a grain of salt as there are no confirmed reports of TRIM working on RAID...
    And never buy and SSD that doesnt support TRIM or similar software...

    Other good alternative would be the OCZ Agility/ Vertex drives as these have "Garbage Collection" that works similarly to TRIM and works on RAID...
  2. I know some non-Intel SSDs reported using the Firmware update from Intel's website to enable trim on their SSDs.

    I wouldnt recommend it at all. And I strongly suggest getting Intel's SSD.
  3. Go for the Intel SSD, it is much faster than either one or two Indilinx SSDs in RAID0, for the function of the system drive. You need random read/write IOps; not sequential throughput measured in MB/s. The Intel is much faster in random read/write than Indilinx-based SSDs.

    So go for the better controller, Intel is vastly superior in a number of areas.
  4. Best bet would actually be 2 X25-V 40gb drives in Raid 0.
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