Why is this HDD so cheap?

I will soon order parts to build a new PC and was wondering why this HDD was so cheap. Is there any reason this HDD would be bad for gaming? I noticed it is 7200 RPM and 64Mb cache... It is 1.5tb for $90. Or I could spend $30 more for a WD Caviar Black and also get 50% less room. What are your guys thoughts? I am ordering parts tonight so quick advice/responses would be appreciate. Thanks
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  1. It's a decent deal,1.5 for 90.00,not bad.
  2. Is it as good as a WD Black for gaming though?
  3. You would not have a noticeable difference gaming but i think WD drives are more reliable.IMO
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    the reason why caviar black is recommended is due to its warranty, and % chance of DOA is alot lower. other than that, your paying for about the same thing.
  5. I've had good luck with both.I have two seagates as my video storage right now.I boot from my ssd.
  6. So what do you guys think. Is it worth saving $30 and gaining 50% more storage? Also why doesn't the seagate have a name in the desciption, like Barracuda or one of the other lines that seagate makes

    heres the newegg side of reviews for that model
  8. link just sends me to for some reason
  9. just search ST1500DM003 on newegg if it doesnt work
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