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I have Gigabyte MB AM3 Socket, 4GB DDR3 RAM, GPU Sapphire HD4770, AMD Phenom 2X550GHz, Zebronics 450Watt (True Value) SMPS. While either playing games or watching movies the system gives a blue screen message which says IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN....something. On restarting the system again an message box appears saying that system has recovered from an unexpected error. The dump file has been created.
I would appreciate any suggestions. Is there problem with my motherboard or something else..??
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  1. Make sure the graphics driver is updated. You could download the latest version, then reboot in safe mode, uninstall the old driver, then install the latest driver.
    Also, run a Memtest check on your memory.
    Check temperatures while stress-testing your system with Prime95 or other CPU-stressing program of your choice. If temps run too high, you could upgrade your cooling solution.
    Finally, an upgrade of your PSU could help with system instability.
  2. Remove your graphics card and RAM and reseat them, not too tight or too slack. Try just one RAM stick if you have more than one for a while.
  3. I agree with the above posters i'll also add that you should make sure your ram is running at manufacturers dram voltage specs.
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