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Here is a hypothetical scenario; if you use an SSD as a boot drive for your Windows Installation and a separate mechanical hard drive for STORAGE; you open your internet browser and download content to your desktop; videos, photos, or a game that requires no installation etc'; isn't your desktop directly linked to your Windows installation? In other words, is all that content being stored on the SSD because the Desktop' directory is located on the SSD? As opposed to it being stored on the mechanical HDD? I am still not well versed in how an SSD operates in regards to being utilized as a Windows Boot Drive. If anyone could enlighten me, it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance! :hello:

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  1. its just a drive. anything you store on it is there. the desktop folder is inside your profile on the OS drive by default. So yes it will take up space on the SSD. if its small stuff no big deal. besides the clutter. but you really should set stuff to go to a download folder on the HDD if your downloading big stuff and letting it pile up.
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    C:\Users\Your Login Here\

    Right click the Dektop folder and select properties
    then you can set a new location on your hard drive.

    You can do the same with some other folders but some times you may come across a game that does like like the documents folder being moved.

    Advancedish tricks you can do(not needed to move the desktop).....

    Another option is to create a Junction/symbolic link to another drive or folder with something like Junction Link Magic. But that you have to take care with to not mess things up(I use it to place games on SSD and not the hard drive and to have windows 7 and 8 beta share 1 steam folder[this includes some steam games on another ssd]).

    You can mess things up real good with this, but it is shown just in case you want to. Do not edit anything you did not make. G: in this case is C: when i am on windows 7 F: is my game SSD . So you get the point. When used right, you can have steam(and windows or any other program for that matter. I have not tried this to move Documents to see if it corrects Unreal3 based game issues yet) see games as in its folder, but the actual files are on the SSD
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