New Rig: Looking for a good midrange card

Yea im looking to build a new rig in a few weeks, and im looking for a solid mid to high range card. Im looking to spend 150-200 for the card, and im not sure whats the best bet. So far im looking at nvidia 9800 gtx, radeon 5770, or a geforce gts 250 1gig.

Im not sure which one would be the best bet, i dont wanna do a duel card set up and i do wanna play current games, and beyond (such as tf2, bf:bc2, wow, ff14, mw2, aion, along these standards). And i would need advise on a mobo too, and any other threads, sites, & articles of interest.

Thanks and sorry if there is another thread, search turned up nothing. any advise is welcome.
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  1. The HD5770 is the one to buy out of the card you listed. Its fastest and has the newest tech.
  2. Any mobo would work, but if you can, get a Crossfire (8x/8x or 16x/16x preferred) one so that you can upgrade your graphics in the future by simply adding another 5770.
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