Intel 310 series sata 2 120gb $200 Why Would Anyone Buy This?

Intel 310 series sata 2 120gb $200 Why Would Anyone Buy This?
when many sata 3 120GB SSD can be had for well under $100
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  1. no one buys the 310 anymore. it has be superseded by the 320.
  2. Intel's SSD is highly regarded for the reliability they give. It's probably the reason for the high price, knowing it will not fail. That was when it came out.

    But now there are good competition drives.
  3. LOL
    i am having a lot of reliabilty issues with ocz drives
    sent two into rma last week.
    i let them know how much of an inconvience it was to have to rma stuff and how it left me with a computer that i cant use
    So they upgraded me from a sata 2 to a sata 3 on one of the drives.
    But still , it is a hassle and it ties up your funds too.
    I have bought quite a few SSD over the last year and it seems the OCZ are giving me the most trouble.
    I have not really had problems with the other brands, but then again the OCZ drives are so cheap i usually end up buying them again anyway. I guess i need to rethink that strategy.
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