Gigabyte x58 UD9 MOBO woth it or not?

hey guys, ive just finished building for a friend and im now going on to build my rig i have a case and power supply already and im not deciding over the gigabyte ud7 and ud9 and the evga classified x59 mobo, everything else is already planned, just not sure what kind of MOBO and i know i should plan things around the MOBO but what im getting is universal for most if not all MOBO's any comments on the boards are appreciated guys :)

regards Sage
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  1. Hi.

    Unless that you want use a 980x with 3 Way or Quad SLI, go with SB.
  2. yeah ive considred sb but idk if i did get sb i'd get 2600k but does it compare to the i7950?
  3. The i7-2600k isn't a good deal for the price, the i5-2500k is the best CPU available for price/performance and performs much better that i7-950, plus use less power, produces less heat and overclock much better.
  4. well yeah im pre much going for outright power behind software because im a 3d environmental artist i find myself rendering alot, so yeah idk tbh kinda was hoping people could give me a hand on figuring out a cpu thats great for gaming but great for 3d rendering, prce for the cpu btw isnt a problem as long as it isnt like 600+ im fine,
  5. Here is the comparison of both i7-950 and i5-2500k
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