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I was just curious of where the future of SSD is going. Just in the past year or two, SSD's have dramatically changed from overpriced peices of hardware which only the extreme use, to affordable useful hardware which is cost effective and is being used from high end PC's to low end, instead of being reserved for those who can throw money away.

At the rate of which SSD's are advancing in both price and preformance, will we see within the next 5 years that SSD's will take over traditional HHD, or will we see HHD moving to mass storage and SSD taking over the traditional role of HHD in everyday computers?
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  1. Well, HDD is still good and reliable for storage use, like what you have said regarding mass storage. I also think SSD's are becoming increasingly popular and the demand will only get bigger as more people use it. The overall benefits, in terms of speed and time-savings is a plus. I don't see an end to HDD's yet.
  2. no one can say what the future will hold. we are all very please at how rapidly the price has fallen for SSDs the past few months. Its a shame that prices of hard disks are still far higher than they were a year ago. Manufacturers still have to overcome some big obstacles for SSDs to continue growing in flash density. as I understand it, they have almost reached the physical limit already.
  3. I dont doubt that HDD will be nearing the end of its life anytime soon, im just suggesting that its purpose might move away from where it currently is. As for popularity with SSD as fantstik250 said, i believe this will result in prices dropping abit more (not nearly as dramatically as it has in the last year or two).

    nhasian you are right while we cannot tell what the future will hold, i just wanted to find out some logical predictions about the future of SSD, and how its role will change with the coming years.
  4. Interesting article, maybe abit too dramatised, but either way informative, explains with more depth what nhasian said. Thanks for this, i didnt really understand much about the declining performance of flash until reading about this.
  5. Yeah, nor me. It explains it quite eloquently.

    If you're interested, as a news site they cater to people in the tech industry for news tips and reviews and stuff, it's become a daily read for myself.
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