Mounting bracket 775 cpu fan

Hello,need a bracket for the LGA 775 socket. Have the fan but not the bracket that holds on the board.
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  1. Can you be a bit more specific? Which heatsink are you using?
  2. using heat sink from hp: 12v dc ball bearing TAISOL that is what it says on top other than that it has hp numbers.

  3. I'm afraid you have to ask hp then if you want to continue using their cooler. You cannot find spare parts for it in a regular computer shop.
    Probably you're better off buying a third party cooler, as it might cost you as much as a spare part. What cpu do you have?
  4. 2.0 800fsb
  5. That's I guess the clock speed followed by the the fsb speed. That's no cpu model :(
  6. Go to ebay and buy a stock fan for $5
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