Can you run a nvidia 295 and two 280 on the same computer

i want to run my 2 280gtx on one moniter and then have a 295gtx for my second moniter is this possible
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  1. If you have 3x PCI-E slots, yes.

    But you can't combine the two for gaming. 2x GTX285 SLI for one monitor for gaming, GTX295 for another independent monitor (which is useless really..).
  2. as shadow187 suggested yes provided you have the space pcie slots

    on the other hand its a totally stupid way of getting extra displays - dump it for a basic card within the same/similar series (requires the same driver package to run properpy etc) to save power, and ebay that sucker etc for money back
  3. thats a Deadly risk you need a 1200W psu and to keep them running thats too much
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