Should I set Catalyst fan speed controller to default?

I have a Powercolor HD5870 1GB Video Card and it came with ATI Catalyst with an option to set the fan speed of the Video Card to manual or automatic.
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  1. The lowest settings also would not make much of a difference in audio levels ( if you are bothered about that ) so best practise is to leave it at automatic..
  2. Use something like HW monitor to watch the temps on your GPU when its on automatic, if it stays cool enough then dont bother setting it to manual, my 4850 is set on automatic and never breaks 70C or 70% fan speed when set on automatic. If you have issues with your card getting to hot(mid 90's) then you might want to set it to manual and crank it up when you game, but i would leave it on automatic anytime you arent putting a heavy load on it.
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