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Ok I'm very new to both ssds and raiding. And building computers in genealogy really.

I had my computer built with a single 80gb ssd for my OS. Now I have 2 120gb raided for my OS. My boot up seems far slower than what it should be. I did a fresh install when I installed the new OS drive(s).

The problem is I can't select and make my 1tb and my 3tb drives to show up as ahci(won't this make them hot swappable?). I thought I could manually select what each drive was in the bios? Also the raid screen comes up during boot every time.

My setup is:
Core i7 2600k
Asus p8z68-v pro gen3
Xfx 7950 black edition.

Ps. Anyone have a good list of things to do to optimize my ssds. And anything neat to do with my spare 80gb ssd
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  1. don't RAID them
  2. Yes ssd s dont do well raided for one its a misconception.. number two the drives wont show till you go to storage manager and activate/ turn them on so to speak..
  3. Also 80 could be ram drive for swap file and turn off swap file off of main drives to save you sdd's.
  4. All my drives show up in my OS and I can use them, but in some seagate hard
    Drive software I have installed my 1tb and 3tb drives both are showing up as raid instead of IDE or ahci. I'm a bit confused by what youre saying to use my spare 80gb, sdds?
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