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I have a logitech z-640 with a little problem. It used to work just fine on my pc, but they just stopped working properly. When I attach them to my pc, i can only hear a sound when I put my ears to the speakers, and that is with the volume fully pumped up.

I put them in my closet last week because I was so pissed, but I decided to give it another try today. I detached my other speakers (back-ups, the S-210) and attached the Z-640. And wham, they worked!

But then, again, they stopped.

I tried to detach them and attach them again, but again, a very faraway sound..

Has anyone got an idea what to do to get them working again? It can't be anything major, because I got them working again.. Don't ask me what I did to get them working !

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. I think you may have a bad plug or bad cable. Put something in the computer that will play sound. and gently wiggle the plug and cord at both ends.
  2. I would RMA them if mhelm1's suggestion doesn't work. Could be something internally wrong with them.
    Double check your controls too, make sure the volume on the unit itself is on high.

    Fitch_89 said:

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  3. Sorry for the late reactions, but I was on a holiday.

    Oh well, sorry for my big mistake there, I hope you can forgive me lol, I'm originally from the Netherlands, so a few small mistakes may sneak into my English.

    I'm bringing the speakers to this guy who is very good with sound and cables, so maybe he can fix them.. Otherwise i'll just buy some new ones. I guess the z-5500's this time =)
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