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First of all I will get my specs of my computer:

Motherboard = Abit il9 pro V1.0
Intel core2duo E6400 2.13Ghz @ 2.13Ghz 1066FSB
Power supply =CIT 600W SILENT COMPUTER POWER SUPPLY / 12cm FAN (Day old)
Graphics= Nvidia Geforce GT 220
4GB DDR2(4x1GB) PC2-6400 (400MHz = DDR = 800Hmz) (But it is running as if its a PC2-5300(333HMz = DDR = 667) The motherboard can have 667 memory and its dual channelled.

according to my chipset (Intel 945P) I can have up to 4GB dual channel.

During the POST, the computer only recognises 3200MB of memory, but in the OS (Windows 7 ultimate) it says I have 4GB but only 3.12GB is usable. CPU-z recognises my memory as well, and I've tried upping the voltage on the memory, but nothing.

Any ideas?

This has been happing since I installed the memory.

Oh yeah, I've ran a memory test using the one in Windows, and it said its all good, basically.

Much appreciated people.
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  1. If you're running any 32-bit OS then this is typical-low, it's ~0.3GB~0.4GB lower than 'average' being ~3.5GB. Installing a 64-bit OS will recover the 'lost' RAM.
  2. Yeah, I am running a 32bit version of Windows, but you can have a maximum of 4GB on a 32bit Windows 7 ultimate. Plus it should be comming up as 4GB in my POST, right? :(
  3. Nope, Memory Mapped I/O Reservations ; nice article ->

    The devices, chipsets, etc 'also' require free RAM in order to operate. MS semi explains -> &

    This is a VERY common aggravation. :(
  4. BTW - on the bright side your OS is 32-bit clean, verses my and 99.9% others 64-bit with (2) Program folders 32/64 and mixed 32/64 bit drivers.
  5. Thanks for the links, but none of that can really help me.
  6. YOU CANNOT ACCESS 100% of the 4GB IN ANY 32-bit OS, remember you also have a Page File that exceeds 4GB. However, even with it OFF you still cannot access 100% of the 4GB due to the limits of 2^32-1 addressing - this goes for EVERYONE with a 32-bit OS.

    THERE IS NO FIX other than getting a 64-bit OS, and EVERYONE with a 32-bit OS has the SAME EXACT problem. The only variable if how much addressing the H/W uses 3.1~3.6GB are the limits.

    Your 3.12GB is NORMAL.

    What EXACTLY don't you understand?!
  7. Empty
  8. Define 'it'??

    Even in my 64-bit I loose some RAM as "H/W Reserved" and I don't give it a second thought because I know the devices on the MOBO require a certain amount to RAM to function. I look at my Resource Monitor; I am not concerned about the BIOS 'test' screens.

    I see 2~8GB with showing-up in the 'H/W Reserved' ; meaning the BIOS 'sees' the RAM but for one reason or another disabled it {bad sticks, incompatible RAM, partition reserved, improper voltage, BIOS setting errors, etc}. However, in your case everything seems normal.

    My Dad was hospitalized with CHF so I was away; he's okay now.
  9. Ok, thanks for your helps. I'm sorry if I didn't get it right away. :) At first I was like :heink:, but I kept reading it over, and over, and it seems more clear.
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