HTPC build recommendation

in a month

650$ (canadian, before taxes)

HTPC with no tuner
basically streaming HD videos, audio, pictures on my HD TV
web browsing w/ multimedia content (Youtube, etc...)
reading emails
optional SDHC reader

monitor, I'll be hooking it through HDMI to a 1080p TV
I don't want to buy an ODD at the moment
built-in video card on MB, no discrete video



AMD cpu
low-power, modular power supply
anything that is quiet

No overclocking / no crossfire or SLI

1920 X 1080 (1080p 42" HDTV)

PARTS CHOSEN FOR NOW (comments appreciated)
MSI 890GXM-G65
AMD Athlon II X2 245 2.9 GHz
OCZ DDR3-1333 2*2 GB RAM
Western Digital 500 Go
Case nMedia HTPC-5000b mATX (no PS)
PS CoolerMaster 600W modular
wireless Logitech EX 100 keyboard and mouse combo
ASUS N13 USB wireless N adapter
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  1. Switch your PSU to Antec Earthwatts Green 430W Power Supply ATX12V V2.0 Active PFC 80PLUS Bronze 80MM Fan. You will not need a 600W PSU for your system. You could actually get away with the Antec EA-380 but I went up to the EA-430, in case you add a low profile GPU down the road.

    The rest of your build looks good to me :)

    With the saving in your PSU, get the Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB SATA2 7200RPM 32MB Cache 3.5IN Hard Drive OEM for more capacity and faster speeds.
  2. The only problem with the Antec PS is that it's not modular. The nMedia case looks roomy though, so I'll probably be able to fit everything inside. The fact that I don't have a discrete video card helps a lot too...

    Thanks for your advice !
  3. As an NMediaPC Case owner, I can safely say there isn't as much room as you'd like. I have the HTPC 200BA case which is nearly identical to your 5000B in size and dimension. While I do have a non-modular power supply in mine and it does fit, all that extra cable has to go somewhere. Initially, I stuffed it beneath my DVD drive and I believe that was what caused the drive to die on me.

    Given the layout of the 5000B I can already see you'll have trouble with the power supply sitting directly behind the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive bay and not just from a cabling stand point (I'm assuming you'll place one in there eventually). There just isn't that much room for installation unless that drive compartment pulls out and if you have all the cables from a non-modular power supply sitting there as well, it just makes it that much more difficult.

    Don't get me wrong. I love my NMediaPC case (once everything was installed) and I do recommend it, but if I had to start over again, I'd almost certainly go with a modular power supply.

    Tecmo's is right though in that you don't need a 600 watt PSU, but if you can't find one of lesser power and still from a quality manufacturer, I'd go with your original modular.

    -Wolf sends

    My HTPC Specs:
    NMediaPC 200BA HTPC Case
    Antec SP500 Power Supply
    Gigabyte GA-965GM-S2 socket 775 Motherboard
    Intel Core2Duo E6600 CPU
    Kingston DDR2-667 2x1GB RAM
    Seagate 320 GB OS Drive
    Seagate 750 GB Media Drive
    LG DVD Burner
    Sapphire HD2600 Pro Graphics Card
    B-Gears B-Enspire Sound Card
    Windows XP MCE 2005
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