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My 'WD My Book Live' has a constant red light.

Did updates earlier that day worked fine afterward. Going great one minute gone the next [well2 hrs later].You can hear it start spinning but no sooner stops.

Pulled it apart and connected it direct to computer but it is found momenterally then disappears. Not to be found on the computer, checked disc management but no sign. running xp pro.

Anyone got any ideas, I'd love to get some data back.

It is still under warranty but if i send it in i loose all my data.

Thank you

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  1. If its not shown in the bios there is not a whole lot we can do, sounds dead as a door nail to (then again I'm not a recovery expert)

    Try a different cable, I would suggest using a linux live cd but if its not in bios then that won't help :/
  2. Thanks for the reply,
    Have tried on win 7, disc management, not initialized, initialized with master boot record and got virtual disk manager: Data Error [cyclic redundancy check].
    Haven't downloaded Linus live cd yet as we are on dial up until the 5/7 impossible to download at this speed. Do you possibly have a link for the download.

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