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New build..asus m/board memOK led help

Hi, I'm new to this site so go easy on me with really technical stuff. I bought a new computer and assembled it myself. Here are the specs:
-asus P8H67-V motherboard
-intel core i5 2500k
-Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/4G
-sapphire radeon 5770 1G
I connected everything correctly to the board including the 24 pin and 8pin EATX12v. I turn on the pc and the tha fans of the case, CPU and gpu start going then the memOK button beeps and flashes red before shutting everything down. I tried pressing and holding it but it did nothing. I then took out one ram module and tried it in different bays but no success. I took out the gpu and tried...nothing. I tried without ram and nothing. I took it apart and tried again...nothing.! I exchanged the ram thinking the one I bought was faulty but still the same.!
I need help, this is my first build and worried I stuffed up. Is the m/board faulty.!??
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    Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Use the following slots:
    CPU | A1 | A2 | B1 | B2 | ; use slots A2 & B2

    Boot failure:
    Clean the RAM & DIMM contacts with Isopropyl alcohol - moisten the RAM contacts, insert fully into the DIMM slots {see above}, remove & clean, re-moisten & reinsert. Remove and wipe-off RAM contacts, and allow to dry ~5 minutes.

    Reinstall and verify that the RAM is properly seated in the DIMM slots and are 'clicked' in. Often poorly seated and/or production residue oils interfere with proper contact. {Don't baby the RAM seating}.
  2. What are the beeps you hear and can you relate them to instructions in your motherboard manual in the troubleshooting section eg one long beep and a short beep indicates RAM or power supply or something like that.
  3. I will try the cleaning of the ram today and get back to you.
    I hear a small beep just before it shutoff.
  4. I will try the cleaning of the ram today and get back to you.
    I hear a small beep just before it shutoff.
  5. [SOLVED] i had a look at the cpu cooler and it wasnt secured properly down so it heated up too quick and shutoff. also the cpu cooler wasnt plugged into the right port damage to the cpu luckily. also the case's power switch was causing it to shutdown so all fixed, thanx guys for the quick reply.
  6. Glad to hear you fixed the problem! Yeah, overheating will shut you down fast, and the thermal protection saved your CPU. My Dad was hospitalized with CHF so I was away; he's okay now.
  7. Yeah it would be a disaster if I burnt the CPU. Oh it's good your dads ok mare!
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