WD Caviar Green 500Gb not recognized (randomly)

I recently bought a SATA Caviar Green WD series WD5000AZRX-00A8LB0, to be used as additional storage on my workstation (not as a system disk). Upon install it was instantly recognized, but then started to act strangely: three times out of four it was not recognized in BIOS and in Win7.
I tried changing MB connectors, S-ATA and power cables but still the same behaviour: sometimes it's detected and sometimes it's not. I tried scanning it with WD storage tools, but no errors showed up; and when it's detected it seems to run just fine.
I have an older Caviar Green (1TB) on the same workstation, running just fine.
What could it be? Is it a faulty drive?
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  1. I would have to go with its a faulty drive or atleast a faulty connection between drive and sata somewhere.

    Its the most likely culprit if its not even recognizing in the bios most the time.
  2. check to see if wd made any bios patches for the drive.
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