I5 750 with HD 5770 - need help

I'm building a new pc with an intel i5 750 and Sapphire HD 5770 512 mb gfx card, I will be adding a creative soundblaster sound card (most likely the x-fi xtreme audio 7.1) and a dual dvb tuner (taken from current pc)

I haven't purchased anything yet but I am looking to build it soon (within the next month).

Current budget ~£600 not including (mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor) - Win7 64 bit included in budget

Using ebuyer.com to buy from but open to other options (must deliver to uk)

overclocking and crossfire both not currently but maybe later on.

Need advice on motherboard, case, cooling, PSU, ram and HDD.

HDD - 500 GB min - 1 TB max
ram - DDR3

Looked at GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD4 LGA 1156 Intel P55 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard but reviews showed a few cases of it breaking down withing 60 days and lack of support from Gigabyte which has put me off.
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  1. What are you using the computer for? I'm asking because the i5/5770 isn't a great combination for the budget if it's a gaming build...

    I'm going to throw in an entire build, but the link and prices are for the US. Just search for the parts on ebuyer to convert them.

    CPU: X3 440 $75
    Mobo/GPU: Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 and HD 5850 $410 after rebate
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $120
    HDD: Seagate 7200.12 500 GB $55
    Case/PSU: Antec 300 Illusion and Earthwatts 650W $115
    Optical: Cheap SATA DVD burner $20
    OS: Windows 7 Home 64-bit $100

    Total: $865
  2. Is going to be minor gaming pc, mostly free mmo rpg's and streaming video. I still want the option to later improve into a proper gaming pc though without having to replace the full set (ergo the i5 and 5770)
  3. The problem with the i5 right now is that it's not really that upgradeable. The LGA1156 socket is a dead-end socket. Nothing new will come out for it.

    Seeing your uses, I would take the above build and drop the 5850 to a 5770 and pick up a X4 955. The i5 is a great gaming CPU, but it won't do anything that the 955 won't and you won't have the ability to upgrade it later.
  4. Is going to be minor gaming pc, mostly free mmo rpg's and streaming video. I still want the option to later improve into a proper gaming pc though without having to replace the full set (ergo the i5 and 5770)
  5. Ignore the 2hr later same reply (wont let me delete or edit it). Had a look and its a possible build though which would you recommend out of the 5770's as sapphire have been my usual choice, for my nvidia 7900GS and previous, and have served me well so far but not tried the other makes.
  6. Right just a few things i need to just make clear incase this changes the recommendation.

    Not planning to alter parts excluding ram/hdd or add a second gfx card for a 4 yr period where it will be a complete fresh start again. ( my usual cycle)

    I'm also gonna make it ~£600 not including OS aswell so roughly $900

    In gaming terms i forgot to mention that i am a strat gamer aswell as diablo 3 (when released). For Free MMO's i usually have multiple clients running and sometimes multiple games.

    I'm new to the homebuilding so accept my newbie approach as inexperience. I've killed my current pc which now struggles with streaming videos over an extended period.
  7. So as suggested go for the rana x3 and a 5850. I mean above is a pretty standard build for budget conscience people that wants the most bang for the buck.
  8. Ideally you want about £700 budget for Intel i5 750. £600 will do it with just the 5770, but to be honest, there is no reason to sacrifice GPU for the CPU with Intel when you can get the decent GPU and CPU from AMD.

    Also, you may want to try www.scan.co.uk to look at parts and compare the cost there to ebuyer (I always liek to have more than one online option)
  9. With a ~£700 budget what i5 750 setup would you suggest? I have £1k at my disposal but dont want to go quite that far but the extra hundred is fine if it means it can go longer without needing to be altered.
  10. I still wouldn't recommend an i5 with a budget of about $1,100 US (700 pounds). You really need more like $1,200 (800 pounds) to get an i5 without losing graphics power.

    I wouldn't worry about going with an AMD build. It's not like the Intel CPUs are that more powerful and they certainly aren't more future proof.
  11. i wish new egg delivered to the uk as its costing roughly 10% more on average per item. Found this bundle on ebuyer (i know i was looking for amd setup as instructed, but bundles can sometimes work out good)


    As I am going to be buying win7 anyway for about £76, I would like to run it by you. Easy conversion is x1.5 for £ to $ and that is roughly correct.
  12. That would be fine, assuming you can still get the rest of the build for roughly 240 pounds. If you can't get the 5850 and a decent PSU on that, I'd still go with an AMD build.
  13. i see what you mean as im gonna end a touch over £700 after taking out the value of win 7.
  14. Here is a build I can come up with using intel:

    i5 750 - £151.75

    GPU - 5850 - £225.01

    HDD - Samsung Spinpoint £38.20

    Mobo Gigabyte GA-P55-US3L - £81.72

    Dual Layer DVD - £14.91

    PSU 500W Silverstone Strider - £44.57

    Case - £25.24

    OCZ Gold Memory (though I hve heard people have had issues with it) - £99.99

    or G Skill (though out of stock atm) - £99.99

    Total: £636.28

    Add Windows 7 upgrade - £67.06

    Total: £703.34

    You may wish to look for a case that suits your tastes, I just picked out a cheap case (I myself don't give much consideration to cases, as long as it fits the components and has space for fans I am usually happy. I prefer large fans, hence the big side one)

    The mobo I picked is simply a cheaper end mobo which essentially means you will not be able to XFire or SLI in future with it. I myself care little for XFire/SLI as I always prefer to have one powerful card rather than two weak ones.

    You may have difficulty finding the 5850 in stock but I am sure it is around somewhere
  15. I forgot to mention the mobo is not SATA 6 USB 3.0 either. But a budget build especially Intel will struggle to fit a mobo with those features without sacrificing other more important parts (like the GPU)
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