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The benchmarks for GPUs and CPUs have been a useful reference to me. But I wonder (particularly for GPUs): is there any homogeneity in the systems used to find specific game benchmarks? Contrasting with reviews of specific notebooks, the benchmarks (which I do understand are estimates) tend to be somewhat lower.

In terms of CPUs and RAM, is there any general trend for the GPU benchmark tests? Would it be safe to assume that an i5-520m and 4GB respectively would perform slightly better than some of the machines used for not cutting-edge cards?

Any insight is much appreciated.
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  1. Uhh yeah I guess but for the "not cutting-edge cards", the gpu would be limiting the frame rate, not the cpu, so why would it matter? I'm sort of confused on what exactly it is you plan on doing with this information, can you shed some light on it?
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