Ok gtx260m in sli or 4870 laptop.

i can get a core 2 duo alienware m17x with a gtx260m in sli or a i5 mm17x with a 4870.

more or less what card will be better the sli one or the 4870 single. and what is the big diffrent in the cpus. let me know what to do there the same price.
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  1. 2 GTX 260Ms perform better than a single 4870M in gaming.
    As for CPUs,what are the exact models ?
  2. The 260M is a G92 chip, not a G200 chip, so calling it a 260m is a bit misleading. Even so, two of them in SLI is certainly faster than a single 4870m. Still, a mobile core2duo would probably be the limiting factor for games which is why I would rather go with an I5 and 4870 in a laptop, but that's just me.
  3. I agree that its a G92 and naming it as 260M maybe misleading but that's what Nvidia calls it.
    It mostly depends on the resolution though,if its 1920x1200(which i think it is because its an AW M17x)having a more powerful VGA helps but as i said we need to know the models
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