Abit av8 no ps2 or usb power

I have a Abit AV8 Socket 939 board that I hate to throw away. It has a AMD Athlon 64 3800 processor. But the PS2 mouse and KB seems to be gone. No power. The USB power is suspect. On boot up I see the KB lights blink feintly, but do not stay on. Anyone have any idea what is wrong with the board? Otherwise it seems to post ok.
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  1. Power loss on your ps2 and usb ports can be a sign that your mobo is dying. However i have a old foxconn mobo that this happened to that never kicked the bucket on me, i still use it but i have to connect all my periphials to the case ports
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  3. Would the power supply be a potential problem in this case or no?

    I've never run across this before.
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