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ok i want to go all out on water cooling everything possible and i would like help on what to get (price is not an issue)
my setup is:
DFI lanparty P35 dark (lga775)
evega 8800 GTS
antec 902 case
ram g-skil 2gig dual channel with heat distributer

i want to liquid cool ram, processor, south and north bridge, and gpu and anything else if i can

if u need more info ill post
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  1. Are you us, uk or other country based? Ive had a scan on net for w/c bits but cant recommend vendor if they wont ship to you :P basically your going to need a pump, reservoir, mounting plates for cpu/gpu, a nice supply of tubing and clips, some liquid to go in the system and some anti-fungal as well, stopsit going icky.
    theres a welcome to w/c thread on toms somewhere as well,
    its a good as any place to read up :) personally, if your going to spend shedloads on w/c, I'd update the rig first but thats just my opinion.
  2. its us
  3. Newegg is probably going to be your friend in that case :) and if any other U.S. based folks want to share their sources???
  4. yah but newegg just didnt seem to have what i need, i liked arktic mod but its confuseing trying to get everythign
  5. Newegg is not the place for WC parts, the few good items that they do list are usually out of stock immediately.
    The link that Moto provided has several etailers listed.
  6. 1. No point is WCing RAM, SB,NB.

    2. You need better education in the art of WCing:
  7. Shadow703793 said:
    1. No point is WCing RAM, SB,NB.

    2. You need better education in the art of WCing:

    i kno i dont need to of ram just wanted an idea, if i did go wc i would cool the hd, sb,nb, cou and gpu now i went to and found all the parts i would need for about 500 or so but would it be better to run 2 loops or just 1.. also i plan on upgradeing gpu and cpu first.. i was thinking 1 loop for cpu, gpu and a secong for hd,sb,nb all in all what would be a good size for optimal cooling 1/2, 1/4 or 1/3 in tubeing?

    right now i have the problem of my pc at stock clock idleing at 35c and with max o/c of 4.1 still same idle temp... right now im useing the corsare h50 with as5

    [max o/c of 4.1 with 1.504 volts idle 35c load for 2hrs 71c]

    my stedy o/c is 3.7 with 1.440v idle 35c load 55c
  8. 1st; you need to read or reread the link that has been provided to you , twice now.
    2nd; you really need to put some thought into it, the system you want to cool isn't really worth the $500 that you want to spend on watercooling.

    I'd advise you to go to the coolers and heatsink section, but Conumdrum would eat you alive.
  9. i kno quite a bit,... so what ur telling me unless i have like and i7 i5 or i3 wc is stupid?
  10. i want this cpu to be a quad core with a better grafix card and w/c then im gonna build me an i7 later on this computer would be for my gf who is a mid gamer and media person

    me im an extreme gamer i want the i7 with the ati 5870 possibly sli not shure yet gotta get the 3g together first.. i know this isnt the thred but maby u could give me some tips
  11. He's suggesting that you'll get more performance out of a component upgrade than you will out of water cooling with the same money.
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    And SLI On an ATI Card would be an awesome achievement, let me know how that one works out :)
    Re-iterating my original statement, upgrade the components before you get into watercooling, imagine you have a pentuim2 system, would you watercool it to try and get a boost, or buy a pentium 4?
    I suspect you want to W/C for the sake and kudos of it, rather than using it to achieve a goal, read the link i posted before, really get the idea of what w/c is and what its for, then look again at your plan.
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  14. Thank you for best answer man :)
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