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Samsung Monitor flat screen Model No 953BW,on pc screen no signal.

Have changed sound & video card and made no difference.
them I tried old monitor still no signal.
then I reinstall windows, old monitor works. when I tried Samsong Monitor it displayed no signal gain,
then I tried old monitor and did the same as before no working too . so I reinstalled windows again and can only use old monitor.
It apears that Samsong monitor deletes the drivers
does any one know if this problem can be fixed?


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  1. That is a strange one! Monitors are not input devices so they should not mess up the system. I don't see you mentioning changing or trying a different video cable.
  2. Did you try your monitor on another system with the same cable? What video card are you using and what video card was installed previously/ ATI and Nvidia display drivers do not play together.
  3. Windows is using the "auto-detect" driver program to get the monitor drivers, CRT monitors (I assume that is what you mean by "old") don't need drivers. The drivers being found are corrupted. I would recommend manually installing the necessary drivers for the 953bw while using the old monitor then do a dual-screen test (most new graphics cards have 2 outputs on the back and with Windows you can run two or three monitors at a time).

    If it works, awesome, if not, I am just as puzzled as everyone else...

    Hope this helps,
  4. Hi Klosteral, will try your sugestion, thanks. C
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