Extra Fan Placement in Lian Li PC-K62?

Hey everyone,

I am about to build my first computer and I have settled on the Lian Li PC-K62 as a case. I am also getting the Corsair H50 for CPU cooling. Since I need to mount the H50 fan and radiator where there is already a fan on the back of the case, I was wondering if anyone who has the case can tell me where I could put the extra fan that I'll have when I mount the H50 to the back. This would be simple if I had a case such as the Antec 902 which has places to put the fan behind a HDD cage or on the side panel, or the Cooler Master CM690 II which has about a dozen spare fan mounting places. Since the back fan from the case is 120mm and not an LED, I don't want to use a 5.25" drive bay fan holder to mount it above the existing blue 140mm fan. However, I just dont want to waste the perfectly good fan that will be ousted by installing an H50.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. To be honest I have the same exact case AND the same exact cooler! lol what are the odds. I left both fans on because the one on the cpu is pushing away from the cpu and towards the fan on the case. The fan on the case is sucking air out so really having both fans is a good thing.
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