PC hangs on new video card...

Guys, I'm new here, and, well... I need help plox...

I've tried installing a new video card, the Powercolor HD 3650, on my system. At first it was running well, connected by CRT cable, although the booting time seems to have increased. Then after some time, say... 10 to 30 mins, it hangs... I reset, and then proceeded to try again... after sometime, I decided to run WoW, it went BSOD.

I've also tried using the DVI connector, and it doesn't even boot up. If it does get past that, it goes down pretty soon, both by hanging and BSOD.

I really need help, the local company that sold this PC doesn't do much if you don't know what's wrong. All they do is reformat and burn test, unless you tell them that something specific is broken, they won't do much fixing.

Everything works fine when I use the on board graphics card... When I tried reinstalling the GPU, I first disabled the on board, but this still does not work out. The problem remains the same. I can't even reach the point of BSOD, it just hangs before anything happens...


MoBo: Asus P5VD2-MX SE
Procie: Pentium 4 (stock) (3.06 GHz)
RAM: Kingston DDR2 (1 stick)(667 MHz)(2 GB)
OS : Windows 7 32 bit
PSU: Trendsonic ATX-550W

Quite an old system... It has had a history of breaking down components... already broke 2 HDD, 2 GPU's, 1 TV card, and 1 RAM stick...
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  1. Ok try to remove all old GPU drivers then reinstall the new drivers for your new GPU

  2. Remove as in uninstall then install the new driver?
  3. Yes uninstall all old graphic drivers and install the new one for your new GPU

    You could use a program called Driver sweep to do so
  4. Thanks very much, I'll try this out... Does disabling and unistalling have different implications?
  5. just make sure you clean your display drivers ( NOT CHIPSET )
  6. So the driver for the new GPU is the only one that stays?
  7. You Only want to remove all old display drivers ( NOT ) chipset, audio, Lan drivers

    After you remove all old display drivers, reboot then install the new driver for your new GPU
  8. The only one I have for this time is the one for the onboard , so I get rid of that or not?
  9. Yes then install the new driver for your new GPU
  10. Thanks again, I'll try...
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