Whats the best motherboard/cpu I can put in an acer aspier 5310?

I want to upgrade my laptop. What would be the best proc or motherboard combo I could put in an aspre 5310? I have a turion 2.0 in it now. Would the turion 2.4 work in the chipset?
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  1. Laptops are not designed for upgrading the cpus. It may work, or not. If it doesn't, you're stuck with a cpu to unload. Even the cpu heatsink is difficult to change. Best to leave it alone and sell it intact to buy a new one.
  2. I know upgrading is next to impossible but I had to try. I really would like to put new guts in this one so my wife won't know I more or less got a new laptop.
  3. If you want to try it anyway, check starmicro. Use cpuz to get the cpu serial number to compare with the replacement. Starmicro won't accept returns due to compatability issues. And you won't notice alot of difference in performance. For your next laptop, I would get windows 7 64 pro or ultimate with 4 gigs of ram.
  4. 5315 has a newer/better chipset therefore you can put better cpus..I think T5300 is the best cpu for your chipset...not sure though.
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