Asus or giga

i want purchase motherboards
i like have a chart for comparison Asus and gigabyte
for example asus p8p67le or P7h55 or gigabyte(x58a-ud3r)
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  1. No contest. Gigabyte are miles ahead in terms of value and ease of use. I have had problems with the 3 ASUS boards I've had and they cut corners on the cheaper models. Gigabyte every time.
  2. I totally disage i own the p8p67 board and i have to say for the price it's an outstanding board.
  3. Read the reviews .... like Intel and AMD ..... Asus for performance Giga for "value"
  4. Agreed, ASUS has always been my choice because of performance and BIOS features. Gigabyte is almost as good and would choose them next in line.

    Ps. The new BIOS for the ASUS P67 boards is nice!
  5. Man stick with the ASUS & believe me im using ASUS BOARDS & VGA'S from 8 years i didn't have any single prob that's why ASUS ROCKS :).
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