3 SSD's in RAID 0

I am looking at the Corsair Force GT 240gb. It is only $220 on amazon right now. I got the hard drive caddy instead of a disk reader so
I could have 3 hard drives. If I get 3 corsair force gt 240gb and put them all in raid 0, will I get speeds around 1.5gbs for read and write? Here are their specs

Sequential Read: Up to 555 MB/second
Sequential Write: Up to 525 MB/second
NAND type: MLC
Interface: SATA 3 6GBps
Controller: SandForce SF-2200

I also will be backing them up about once a week if I do get them. Will this effect loading screens by any chance? (Like in skyrim or fallout new vegas) How fast will my system boot up with them?
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    with 3 hard disks you really should consider Raid5 instead. it will give you both striping and redundancy.
  2. Your final speed will really depend on the raid chipset being used but yes if you use 3 good sata6 ports you will get about that much. Writes will be down around 1.2-1.3 due to overhead.
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