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I'm starting med school and wanted to get a Macbook Pro. I'm torn whether to get the I5 or I7 processor - with my education discount, the I7 is $150 more. I would normally get it, but am not sure if it is worth it. I'm mostly doing internet, word/powerpoint, watching videos, maybe occasional photo editing (not major, jpg for now). I may however be running windows if required to for school programs. I heard the I7 may be a lot hotter and drain the battery, is that true? What would you suggest?

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  1. I just had a look on Apple's website, and the two different processors available, the i5 @ 2.53 GHz and the i7 @ 2.66 GHz. Normally I would recommend the i7 as it usually is a quad core, however this Core i7 is the dual core 620M, and the i5 540M is only slightly worse (it has slightly less Turbo & a bit less cache, but performance is still decent). The i7 will consume a bit more power, but will be a bit faster. However ince you're not doing anything major, I would just go for the i5 540M and save $150, it's really not worth that extra horsepower for what you plan to do.
  2. I would find out if you need to run Windows first because if so, a Windows based PC will be cheaper for the same hardware.
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