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I'm starting med school and wanted to get a Macbook Pro. I'm torn whether to get the I5 or I7 processor - with my education discount, the I7 is $150 more. I would normally get it, but am not sure if it is worth it. I'm mostly doing internet, word/powerpoint, watching videos, maybe occasional photo editing (not major, jpg for now). I may however be running windows if required to for school programs. I heard the I7 may be a lot hotter and drain the battery, is that true? What would you suggest?

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    For your tasks i would recommend going with i5 because it suffices, and you have heard right,i7 runs hotter and drain the battery more(not very much though,it depends on the task you do)
  2. ^ Not too much Maziar, this i7 is the 620M, essentially an i5 500M series with a bigger Turbo Boost. Don't think it's worth the $150 for the i7 620M which is a dual core. For what OP needs, the i5 MBP is fine.
  3. Well i mentioned its not too much :D according to the reviews and user reviews,the i7 one will run hotter, but like i said its not much hotter.
  4. i wouldn't bother with the i7 they are using (as like Lmeow said, its the 620m) since it is a dual core and not a quad core, stick to the i5
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