My seagate barracuda won't show up on wondows

Hello, i have bought an internal seagate barracuda for my new build but for some reason it won't show up on windows where it shows the hard disk and how much memory you have. my crucial m4 SSD works fine, i use that to boot up windows but the hard drive is not showing up. it does however show the model number in my bios boot priority. am i doing something wrong ?
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    as long as the bios sees it you are in good shape. You need to go to the disk management tool and partition & format the drive so it can be assigned a drive letter.
  2. how do you go into disk manegement ?
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  4. ok i got it to work now, thanks for the help, i was worried that i was going to have to RMA it and i hate having to RMA my stuff.
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