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Hello after looking around I have decided to buy a 5850. I will buy a good aftermarket cooler for my CPU and overclock it so there is not as much of a bottleneck for the card (Q9450).

I know that with graphics cards, brand doesn't make much difference apart from the price/warranty. It seems that Powercolor offers the best price where I shop being the same price as the Sapphire but being overclocked and coming with COD MW2.

I've heard of powercolor but don't know nothing about them. Are they known for being helpful with RMAs etc?
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  1. Not sure how responsive/fair they are with RMA process, but I have read more negative reviews than positive about Powercolor cards
  2. Thanks for the reply, I think I'll go for the Sapphire card as I can always O/C the card to the powercolor levels if I felt the need.
  3. Most companies do not look kindly on people who OC their video cards then ask for an RMA. Only companies that will give an RMA for an OC'ed card (assuming you were not negligently careless) are XFX, EVGA and BFG.
  4. To be honest I doubt I would overclock. Its probably something I would do when the card is coming to the end of its life for me (about 2 years) and its started to struggle with new games. By then I doubt that it would have a warranty left. The reason I asked was because I've just had my 8800 GTS fail on me after only about 22 months. I'd never O/C'd that card. Lucky I found out it had a 24 month warranty :D
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