No output to monitor, keyboard, or mouse after installing CPU

I just installed a new CPU, core 2 duo from a pentium D, and when I powered the pc on, the monitor or any other components are not getting a signal. My keyboard and mouse don't even light up. I don't get any beeps when I power up and the pc seems to be running fine. Also, I tried putting the old CPU back in and I get the same problem...
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  1. You might not have connected everything back properly after installing the Pentium D. Otherwise your motherboard might not support the C2D, it may once you have flashed your BIOS.
  2. I double checked everything in the back and it's fine. How do I flash my bios?
  3. I'm not sure how it would work with your motherboard. There should be something in the manual.
  4. Do you know what motherboard you have? And which model Core2 did you install?
  5. Not sure what the model mobo but its stock (intel) and the CPU is a core 2 duo e7500 2.93ghz
  6. I would dl and install cpu-z. On one of the tabs it should give the model number for your motherboard and you could google that.
    When you say stock, is this a dell or other branded PC?
  7. I have CPU-z on my pc but I can't boot up my pc, I'm having to do everything on my iPhone right now. The pc is a gateway 820
  8. you need to reinstall the Pentium D to flash the bios anyways, so you might as well do it now and run cpu-z. Then we can see if your motherboard supports the C2D chips. I know mine doesn't :(
  9. ya it could be that your mobo doesn't support that type of CPU or you got some static in there while upgrading and broke it.

    Put the old CPU back, switch the PC on and wait for a post boot BEEP. If that doesn't happen then you gonna have to get a new motherboard
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