New sony DVD RW won't show

I recently purchased a new Sony DVD Rewriter and for some reason it will not display in my computer. I have gone into device manager and scanned for new devices but it does not find it, I want to know why this is not working, the first time I plugged it in it detected it and installed it, but since then it never recognises it.
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  1. dont worry about the device manager just yet. you need to make sure the drive is seen by the bios first. if not try another cable or drive
  2. 70% certain it shows in BIOS but i'll check
  3. recognised in BIOS, Optaric DVD RW Sony, next? thanks btw
  4. ok it seems to be there now, why did this happen any ideas?
  5. Hmmm. I know theres a setting to hide a drive if its empty. Did it only show up after you put a disk in?
  6. no it showed anyway, but it wont run autoplay, you know when insert a blank disc, it used to ask me if I wanted to burn a dvd, but now it doesn't do anything, not even the option to autoplay available
  7. It shows but seems to crash when i try and right click to do something with my discs, runs really slow and i have to retry
  8. Ok sorry for posting again, but the dvd drive seemed to work, i managed to get some samples of a cd but then it crashed while copying some across, I've since tried to load the sample disc and it crashed my music making software ableton and i was wondering if there is anything that could cause this other than a dodgy dvd drive, the cables are brand new and so is the dvd drive, it causes some "ground" noises coming from my speakers, it runs slower than i expected and seems to be not reading discs properly, should i return this item to amazon? if so can anyone recommend a good DVD RW drive, that I could buy for no more than £20, I'm in the UK, thought I better mention this but can often find the stuff from us on uk sites, please help as I am finding often i get a few people respond asking for more information then nothing for ages, much appreciated
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