Did I kill my new Hard drive? Wrong Molex

Hi everyone, so yesterday I planned to use my never opened external Maxtor one touch iii hard drive as an internal drive. After opening it up and removing the diamond ide hard drive I put it into my desktop pc...unfortunately I kind of rushed this and accidentally used the molex cable from one of the fans (instead of the one from the psu) to plug the hard drive in. As I went to turn on my pc the lights flashed for a second and then turned off. I tired again, thinking it was a slip up - no go. So I removed the drive and my pc booted up normally. So then I went back and put the Maxtor drive back in, now using the psu molex and once again it would not boot (lights for a second then off). Then I tried disconnecting my other hard drives and cd drives to make sure the (500-600w psu) is for sure powering it. Tried to power it up again and no luck, so I removed it from the desktop, powered again and it booted normally without the Maxtor drive. So I then tried using the external drive with the converter device which allows it to be plugged into an outlet (off the external enclosure), when plugged in and turned on, it began to make a loud humming noise (definite problem).

Is it possible I shorted the drive? Is there anyway to recovery? :(
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  1. it sounds like the drive is DOA as it had never worked out of the box. you should contact the manufacturer to have it RMA'd.
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