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hi i have a dell studio 540 mobo 0m017g
i have 8gb ram ddr2 at 400 mhz and im wondering if i can put in 8gb ddr2 with a higher mhz
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  1. and if someone could suggest the better ram too pls the fastest possible
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    Motherboards may have different revisions, and depending on the rev. the RAM specs may be different. In your case, go to:

    Then enter the service tag number. Based on this tag number the RAM specs will be listed. Make a note of these specs. and see whether there is any suitable RAM with a higher clock speed and/or tighter timings. Verify from Dell. Now shop at your favorite store for best price and delivery.
  3. hey thanks alot Ubrales i can use ram with 800mhz thats double what i had with the 400mhz thanks for the help much appreciated
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  5. Thank you and good luck to you!
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