OCZ Vertex 30gb?


I know someone who has a Vertex 30gb they want to sell cheaps.

Is it good?

How much is it worth?/

I kinda want an SSD.
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  1. It is not very good, since 30GB is too small to have the proper amount of space for swaps. That will hurt performance greatly. Also, it can hardly hold an OS.
  2. What about a 60gb OCZ Summit?

    That any good?
  3. Anandtech has a bunch of good SSD reviews on his site. Here's one that focuses on the OCZ drives:
  4. I would consider one if it was under $100. That's exactly what I did a good while back, in fact ;) There's enough room for 7, Office 2007, Firefox, drivers, and a few other things. It's not an Intel, and it has less than half the capacity so you'd need a pretty good deal imo. As I'm sure you saw you can get a retail Intel on newegg for $225 and the Vertex for $119.
  5. Right.

    I'm gonna try for like 60$.

    Proably not gonna happen.

    (For the 60Gb Summit)
  6. Good deal, if you get for that price!!! :)
  7. ...

    Chances of victory: 1%

    cant hurt ot try though
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    As they say... "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
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